My Morning Routine!

I give credit to my 10 years of dancing on why I can get ready so fast. If I am in a hurry, I can get ready in like 10-15 mins, but on days when I wake up at 6:30, I take my sweet time in preparing myself for school. 

Today for my BTS series, I thought I would tell you about how I get ready and what I do! 

(My school starts later this year, 8:45, so this is a super modified version of what I did last year.) 

{Eat Breakfast & Brush Teeth} Last year, I almost never at breakfast, but it's my goal to start doing that more. A classic breakfast for me in Cheerios and orange juice. 

{Wash Face & Put on Makeup} Face Routine! I use the Sensitive Skin Routine from Clean & Clear except for the facial cleanser, I use the Morning Burst facial cleanser which I absolutely ah-dore! It smells like citrus (YUM!) and really does wake you up. Then the Deep Cleaning Toner is wonderful, but I would recommend you don't use it too much because it can dry your skin out! Finally, I use the Dual Action moisturizer. It's ah-mazing. From what I can tell. I've only used it a couple times, but it does hydrate your face and clean it up.

My makeup routine is pretty simple. I use Cover Girl NatureLuxe foundation & mascara, Cover Girl Fresh Complexion concealer, and Maybelline translucent mineral powder. Sometimes I put kinda of gold eyeshadow on, and all my eyeshadow is from e.l.f. Then I might put on some lipstick/lipgloss depending on how daring I am feeling. My favorite lipstick in Revlon Lipbutter in Candy Apple and the lipstick in Kiss Me Coral.

{Fix Hair & Get Dressed} I'll let you in on a not-so-secret about my hair: I almost NEVER wear it down. I hate having my hair in my face, so 99% of the time it's either in a ponytail or in a braid which saves me about half an hour on straightening my hair. Then most of the time, I have my outfit already picked, or I've at least thought about it. Sometimes the picture in my head doesn't always play out, but then I just put my uniform on. 

{Morning Cartoons} Don't judge, but since I don't have to leave for school until 7:45 if I am driving my golf cart, I am totally watching Curious George in the mornings until I have to leave. 

{Drive to School} I am the proud owner of a golf cart parking space! Holla. This means I can officially drive myself to school!! I will still go with my mom if a. it's cold/raining or b. there's no sporting event that day. 

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