Organization :: Closet & Bathroom

My mom has decided to go on Clean Sweep of the entire house. Living room, library, kitchen, basement, bed rooms . . . The works. Since school is coming up, (be sure to put in requests for BTS posts here) I decided to crack down on my closet and bathroom since both can get quite messy.

{Closet} My closest takes up an entire wall in my room, and there's a ton a storage space, but it's kind of awkward since it isn't a walk-in.
I keep my shorts on the shelf above where I hang my clothes, since I have quite a collection of shorts that is still growing.
I keep all my Lilly separate because it's that important.
Everything is organized by type of clothing and then color.
Sweater weather is better weather.
The order is cardigans, sweater, shirts, polos, button downs, dresses/skirts, and then pants. 
Then I display my scarves on the outside of my closet door.

{Bathroom} So this isn't as exiciting as my closet because I don't have much storage space in my bathroom.
First Shelf: Lots of sunscreen, bug spray, aloe vera, and toothpaste and tooth brush.
Bottom Shelf: Smoothing serum for hair, perfume, face wash, and contact stuff.
I use the left side of the cabinet while my brother uses the left side when he is home! 
And this is what I keep all my makeup! 

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