What's in My Bag? :: School Edition

What's in My Bags??

So during the summer I never carry a purse, and I might carry my Vera Bradley wristlet depending on where I am going and if I am driving. The school year is a little different. Sometimes I carry two or three bags with me. A purse, a tote bag which I use for my backpack, and a duffle bag for football. 
It looks super awkward in the picture, but I love it! 
{Tote Bag}I got this bag last summer, and it's from Land's End! When I first got it, I was a little surprised as to how big it was, but it ended up being the perfect size. And of course it has my monogram on it!
 L.L Bean also has great totes, but they didn't have the color I wanted.

I typically carry two binders: a 3 inch and a 2 inch! The navy binder is my afternoon binder for Chemistry, Math, and English, and the cover is in Booze Cruise! The pink binder is my morning binder for World History and Spanish, and the cover is in Escape Artist! Learn how to make them here! 

I only carry three other things in my tote bag. Two folders and my jumbo Lilly Pulitzer agenda in Lucky Charms True Navy! 

{Purse} I actually stole this purse from my sister when she came back from Italy because she didn't want to see anything she wore when she was there. I'm pretty sure she got it at Dillard's. It'a leather crossbody, and it's the perfect bag for me. 

I don't keep much in my purse because it is small, but I normally have two calculators (a TI & Casio. They do different things), a makeup bag turned pencil case, my phone, and wallet which has my keys on it! 

{Duffle Bag} This is yet another thing I stole from my sister. It was her color guard bag, and after she went to college, no one really used it, but I need something to carry all my junk in for football! Plus it has my school's name and mascot on it, so #spirit. 

I usually haul around a pair of athletic shorts, a t-shirt/tank top, running shoes, deodorant, a hair brush, and elastic if one isn't in my hair or on my wrist! I also, I've recently officially jumped on the norts bandwagon! I had a pair, but they didn't fit, so I never wore them, but these shorts are amazing if you get the right size! 

Wow, that's a lot of stuff! What do y'all carry around with you at school?

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