Boots and Boys...

They bring me so much joy. So much joy. 
Please tell me I am not the only one who loves that Ke$ha song. #guiltypleasure 

As cooler weather slowly approaches (hate this Georgia weather), the hunt for the perfect pair a winter shoes in on like Donkey Kong. I also only wear three pairs of shoes right now so...I need riding boots.
I have enormous calves, so finding riding boots and boots in general is horrible. Then hallelujah, I find out Macy's have a entire section of wide calf boots. 

Marc Fisher, Amber Tall Wide Calf Riding Boots

Hello perfection. *heart eye emoji* I am in love. Perfect color. Perfect heel height. Perfect toe. And 15-3/10" inches for my calves? AHHHHH. A trip to Macy's is in store for sure. 

Bonus Shoes!

L.L. Bean Bean Boots

Never would have thought I would have fallen in with Bean Boots, but I have! I think these would be a great investment in a year or so... 

Where did you get your favorite boots? 

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