Okay, so game day was really yesterday, but I am still as excited about college as I was yesterday. Yesterday was the perfect start college football. (Except Kentucky, but we know that transition will take time.) 

10:30 #GetUp4GameDay

Oh, College GameDay...I get up bright and earlier to watch you, and your signs weren't even that funny. I blame it on the Clemson and UGA fans and how they aren't funny.

The best part was when they all picked NU to beat Cal!

1:00 Rice @ Texas A&M

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Johnny Football (who I still love and will defend until I turn blue.) sat out the first half, but the Aggies didn't need it. Sadly, even when Manziel got back in, he acted slightly more immature than he normally does on the field. (Hey, y'all...he did the money gesture last year.) So Sumlin sat him out the rest of the game.

A&M won 52-31.

3:30 Penn State @ Syracuse

(AP Photo/Centre Daily Times, Nabil K. Mark) 

Go Nittany Lions! My best friend, Jo, loves Penn State, so I am always sure to root for them! And this game we live texted it to each other... I had never watched a PSU game before yesterday, but they are so much fun to watch! Coach O'Brien sure is making this a program to be proud of again. (Not to mention Hack is adorable.)

Penn State won 23-17.

8:30 Lol Georgia @ Clemson

I won't even give you a recap of this. Just go look at a sad "Dawg" fan's facebook page.

10:30 Northwestern @ Cal

1. I hate west coast games. 2. This ended at 2:15, so I didn't watch all of it.

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

I AM SO PROUD OF MY CATS! A 44-30 win over Cal to start the season! ajlkfdjaldfkjadfhaf!!! #B1GCats

Any of y'all watch football last night??


  1. I wasn't able to get the channel on my TV at school, but I was following the Alabama/Tech game online. ROLL TIDE!!!!

    1. That one was on during the Penn State game, but I was keeping up with it on College GameDay's twitter!