What a Week...

Y'all this has been the longest/most fun week ever. I seriously had a love/hate relationship with this week. (This post is kind of going along with my Saturday Recap from yesterday!) 


The start of spirit week aka the greatest week of the year... It was 'Merica Monday, and my school was in the running for team of the week! Basically the only good parts of the day.
Why did the teachers make spirit week so stressful? 


I'd rather just forget this day (crazy teachers bein' crazy. The usual) ...Until practice when I found out my school came back 4% on votes to tie for team of the week!!! We actually ended up crashing the website... Whoops! 


Today I created the theory that wearing a flower crown makes everything better. It was Decades Day, and I was late 60s, early 70s I guess... But the flower crown made my day! Seriously, nothing went wrong. I also went to the Powder Puff game which is always fun to watch. I mean, male cheerleaders? Too fantastic.

Spirit Day part 1! Today was our pep rally for  being team of the week, and it was fabulous. I love when everyone has a ton of school spirit.

Spirit Day part 2/Character Day! I was the football team's princess because...well, I am the only girl. The second pep rally was just as fun, and the game was perfect. We won!!! 48-40! #Undefeated
I would lie and say I didn't cry, but I did...

Homecoming Dance!! I went with three of my best friends and their dates. I fully believe homecoming is what you make it, so you should NEVER be too stressed out about it...That's the best way to do it! I had a ton of fun, and my group was pretty much perfect!

I hope y'all's week was just as fabulous and maybe a little less crazy.

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