Just Like the Kennedys

Recently, I saw The Butler with my dad, and oh Lord, I cried from the first scene to the last scene. It's that emotionally moving to me. 
One of the parts that made me cry the most was surprisingly not about African-American rights in America per say . . . But it was when John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy walked into the White House to meet the staff after JFK had given his inaugural speech. Oh my goodness, the tears when Jackie Kennedy said something about JFK being in the White House for eight years. 

Basically, I cried throughout the entire Kennedy administration . . . 

I adore the Kennedy family just because I believe that they just have such an amazing and interesting history. 

(Caroline Kennedy making her father hold her doll... Sassy McGee.)

Favorite first family? Go! 

P.S. Go see The Butler before it's too late!

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