The Bag Lady

I am already kind of ashamed when I have to carry 3 or more bags to school, but the fact that I just went to go buy another backpack makes me feel super silly. 

Here's the deal: I have developed horrible back problems in the past two months. Carrying two shoulder bags and a cross body AND having to drive on the worst paths killed my back. 
So basically this week I was like I can't take this. If I move my back, it hurts like crazy. Therefore, I needed a new backpack because all the ones I used when I was younger are too small! (I mean, duh! :) ) 

So I went to Staples and bought this! (It looks way more pink in person.)

Look how pretty it is! 
(Are any of y'all thinking, Julianna, all you own is pinkish colored things...?)

My favorite part is the fact that it's holding everything that was in my tote bag, but there's still a ton of room! I mean, that's fabulous, and I truly think this something I could take with me to college just because Jansport is SO durable. 

And of course,this will be monogrammed at some point!

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