DIY :: U Gotta Regatta

Last week y'all saw my canvas I made for my friend Mac. While I was making it, I also made one for my friend aBe for Christmas, but I didn't want to reveal it till I gave to her. Since I gave all my presents out, I can now show y'all how to make it! 

One: I drew a circle in the middle and the outline of the boats. 

 Two: Use turquoise paint to make little squiggles. This can take a while, but it is actually fun. Don't get to too caught up in the shape of the waves. 

Three: Use yellow, pink, and green to paint the boats. I used the real print to help guide me through this, but I wasn't too concern if they weren't exact.

 Four: I printed out her circle monogram and traced it kinda like I did with the state outlines. 

 Five: Painted her monogram and erased all the lines and there ya go! 

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