Hobbit Family Traditions

Christmas isn't a huge deal in my family, but we do have our little dorky family traditions that I absolutely adore and couldn't imagine the season without them. 

Holiday Movies | As a family, we always watch Stalag 17 which is our choice of a Christmas movie. It's not the holiday season till we watch it. 

Emma's eyebrow game was on point. 
Christmas Eve | If my dad is off from work, my sister, him, and me go to the Christmas Eve church service which is basically my favorite thing. We go to a beautiful church in Atlanta, and the service always puts me in the Christmas spirit. 

On Christmas Eve, my dad and I make chocolate chip cookies for Santa while watching the Santa tracker which is something we've been doing since I was little.

Christmas | I am always the first one to wake up... and it's usually around 6, so I have to wait until at least 8 to wake anyone up. (But I also sneak into the living room to see all the presents before everyone. I swear, I'm not 5.) So once everyone wakes up, we go through our stockings. Youngest goes first which I think I made the rule because I wanted to open my presents first. (I was horrible.) Then we open presents in order of age again, so it's me, Will and Emma, Mom and then Dad. I, of course, pick out which presents they are going to open. My dad makes breakfast at some point. 

The rest of the day is spent sitting in the living with gifts all around us. 

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