Art of Ambition

Growing up, we are always told that we could do anything we wanted to. My parents are very big on this, and they've always encouraged me to do what I wanted to do. When I wanted to be president? Okay, Julianna, here are books about presidents. When I wanted to be interior designer? Okay, here's home magazines. When I told them I was going to work for ESPN? No worries. 
However, the outside world isn't so nice especially if you're a woman. 

As times have changed, the idea of women working in the "workforce" is more widely accepted in America. But not everyone still accepts the idea. People still use ambitious and women together in a negative connotation. And Ambitious is Not a Dirty Word

The lovely founder of the Smart Girl's Group, Emily, tweeted this article yesterday, and I knew immediately that I had to read it. And I'm super glad I did. Not only is Leah's article well-written, it brings up amazing points that I've thought about before but could never put into words. My favorite line is, "Don’t be afraid to go after your dream and don’t be afraid to be ambitious and say it out loud. Feminist is not a dirty word, and neither is ambitious." Those two words something I associate strongly with, and every time someone uses either in a negative connotation I want to curl up, so this article definitely, personally, made me feel so much better about wanting the world. (And while doing it with a touch of pink and sparkles.)

A+ Smart Girl's Group, and while I was already a fan, this has confirmed my life.

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