Happiest Place on Earth

Going on vacation for a hot minute is probably one of my favorite things. I feel like my family and I always go on weekend road trips. So as y'all all know, my dad, sister, and I went to Disney this past weekend! My dad signed up for the Disney marathon, so the trip turned into a family event! 

We left after I got home from school on Friday and drove through the night and arrived at Disney around 1 in the morning. Then on Saturday we spent most of the day at the Magic Kingdom. We did fun things like Space Mountain, the Laugh Floor, and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and we met Merida and ate at Gaston's Tavern. On Sunday, my dad champed and ran the marathon while my sister and I were sleeping/eating left over pizza. Then we checked out and drove back to Georgia! 

We are shooting for our own hands.

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