It's Time to Bowl

My dad always told me you've made it when you play a bowl game on New Year's Day. Today there are four important, in my opinion, match ups in college football. 

Gator Bowl: Nebraska (8-4) vs. Georgia (8-4), Noon
After a less-than-stellar season for UGA, the Dawgs look to beat the Huskies in the Gator Bowl. With Aaron Murray, this game might have been a walk in the park for Georgia. He's a talented QB with strong weapons like Gurley, but since he has torn his ACL, Georgia looks to Hutson Mason who proved that he could lead the team during their comeback victory against rival, Georgia Tech. Georgia's defense needs to step it up in order on rush defense for them to win though. Nebraska is definitely not a strong team. Their 8 wins came from playing against okay teams, and they will need to figure out a way to stop Georgia's pass game. 

I am picking Georgia to win, but this could be an interesting game for these two teams. It all depends on what teams show up. 

Capital One: Wisconsin (9-3) vs. South Carolina (10-2), 1 p.m. 

South Carolina is pretty good passing team under QB Connor Shaw while Wisconsin is a one of the better rushing teams. South Carolina's two loss come from UGA and Tennessee, a game the Gamecocks might have one if Shaw was not hurt. Wisconsin's three losses come from ASU, Ohio State, and and Penn State. 

I want to say South Carolina will win because they've come out with only two losses with a tough schedule while Wisconsin has three loss with a pretty easy schedule. (We all know the SEC schedule is tougher than a Big Ten schedule as much as I love the Big Ten.) 

Rose Bowl: Stanford (11-1) vs. Michigan State (12-1), 5 p.m. 
Stanford is one of those schools that SI featured in their Revenge of the Nerds article. Smart school. Good football. Two things that used to be an oxymoron. Stanford definitely proved themselves with their win over at the time #3 Oregon. Their two losses come from Arizona State and USC. Stanford's defense is pretty good. They've only given up 28 points or lower and held Oregon's strong offense to only 20. But here's the thing. Michigan State's defense is also pretty good. Their highest points allowed is also 28, and they held an okay Michigan team to -9 nine yards. (MICH ST's one loss comes from Notre Dame.) BUT Michigan State's schedule is definitely easier than Stanford's. 

I am picking Stanford, and I think could be a game full of some great defense.

Fiesta Bowl: Baylor (11-1) vs. UCF (11-1), 8 p.m. 
Baylor led by QB Bryce Petty at the beginning of the season was a team that could not be stopped on offense. 69 points, 70, 70, 73. They still have the number one offense in the country. Their one loss comes from an EXTREMELY off day in which they only scored 17 points. UCF is a team that in my opinion came out of nowhere this season. Their most impressive win with their 38-35 win over Louisville. They are definitely a good team, but they don't have the offense power that Baylor has. 

I am picking Baylor due to their high scoring offense and pass game, however; the Baylor that showed up to the Oklahoma State game can't come back. 

Other important bowl games this week: 
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma, Jan. 2
Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. Ohio State, Jan. 3
Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Missouri, Jan. 3
BCS Title: FSU vs. Auburn, Jan. 6 (Don't want either to win.)

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