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Today's post is all about organizing school files! I have a super file-intensive way of organizing things because I like putting folders in folders. (When I fold out you could do this on GoogleDocs, my life was changed.) 

Since I don't have my own computer, I have my own folder to help separate my stuff from my dad's. Mostly I save school stuff, so I've separated everything into each of my classes that require me to do stuff on the computer plus a file for college and my summer project/business. 

This is what my APWH folder looks like. I use it the most because it's the class with the most stuff. I have a folder for each semester, my teacher's lesson plans, and then my three writing guides.

I then break down a semester folder into the units we are doing then I have the second semester only lesson plans. 

Each unit folder has a sections for readings and study guides. 

I already have all my readings at the beginning of a unit, so I save them all right when we start. My study guide folder is very similar to my readings one. 

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