Top 4 Winter Essentials

Winter comes in full force during January in the South, so my winter essentials come out in full force during this month. Here are my top 4 winter essentials: 

Riding Boots // I seriously don't wear any other shoes in the colder month except maybe my Hunters when it rains. I got these from Target in October, and they have held up surprisingly well! They keep my feet super warm, and they are super stylish. 

Moisturizer // My skin can get super dry in the winter, so this moisturizer has been a lifesaver. I put water on my face before I put it on, so it can seal in all the moisture. I also use it both in the morning and night! 

EOS Lipbalm // Y'all, I cannot rave enough about this stuff. I know, I know...everyone and their mother loves this lipbalm too, but if you haven't jump on the bandwagon, DO IT. 

Patagonia // Well, any fleece jacket will do, but I am obsessed with my Patagonia already. And I've had it for a week. It's so warm and pretty cute in my opinion. I could own twenty of these. 

What are YOUR must haves?

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