Winter Blues Brights

I am a believer that color affects people's moods. -Lilly Pulitzer 

As we all know, it has been super dang cold. Like...you don't even understand how crazy southerns have gotten. I am like 90% sure it's never been this cold in my lifetime in Georgia. Not only am I cold all the theme, this weather hasn't been helping my mood too. I swear, I have seasonal effective disorder. So one of my solutions to this weird funk I've been in has been colors. While I actually haven't been able to go outside (no school!), I've been planning to wear bright, fun colors to put me in a better mood.

I'm seriously obsessed with my Hunter rain boots. Sometimes I wished I had gotten a more neutral color, but the red is the perfect pop of color for cold/rainy day. I love their hot pink, purple (on sale!), and Carolina blue rain boots. 

Hopefully the rest of your winter will be filled with bright colors!

P.S. I am finally going back to school. 
P.P.S. Hopefully my weekend trip to Orlando will also help my mood. 

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