February Favorites

February is a weird month, and it always has been for me. Once my birthday is over, I honestly couldn't care less about the month. It is cold and deary, and we always get ice in February, so I am glad this month is over. I am excited for it to be March, and for spring to hopefully be in full swing! 

Here are my favorites for the month of February! 
The Olympics! | I love the Olympics so much, and I had such a great time watching them this year. I am pretty sure Johnny and Tara were my favorite parts though. (Also, I am counting down the days till Rio.)

Parks and Rec | I will admit that I've marathoned three seasons within maybe two and a half days... Y'all really need to hop on the bandwagon if you haven't already and watch it on Netflix! 

Flapper Girl | Seriously this has been my go-to song for the past month, and I am not sure why but it reminds me of spring. I've also been really obsessed with Flowers in Your Hair.

VSCOCam and RunKeeper | These are my two favorite apps of the month. I found out about VSCOCam 
from Gracey, and I've had it for a while, but I really just started playing around with it this month. Now I don't edit my photos with anything else. Then RunKeeper is just great because it helps me keep track of how much I've been walking which I have been doing a lot more. (Which reminds me that I should do that soon.)

My purse | I got this from Target a couple of weeks ago, and I love it which is kinda surprising because I used to be so anti-big purse. This is really nice because I can fit all my stuff in there including my jumbo Lilly agenda. (A large would definitely fit better though.) 

There are my random favorites of February! 

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