Nine Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Valentine's Day! Since today is all about love, I thought I'd share with you nine of my favorite things! Now these aren't "normal" things like my favorite clothes or makeup or stuff like that, but these are my favorite things are that are tiny but make my life worth it. :)

The moment before kick-off | There's nothing that compares to this moment during a football game. Here's when you can here all the chants of the student section, and all the guys are getting pumped for the game while the band is playing the fight song. This is the moment when I get chills. Every. Single. Time. 

Getting everything crossed off on your to-do list | My Type-A personality is coming out here. I swear, nothing makes me feel more productive than crossing off that last item. 

Coffee dates with my best friends | I love having coffee dates with my friends whether it be to relax or to study. Those hours at Starbucks are some of my favorite memories, and I will cherish them forever.

The sense of pride I get when I talk about the commonwealth of Kentucky | Lordy, Lord. Here I go again . . . I love Kentucky, and nothing makes me happier when I get to talk about Kentucky. So yeah, if you want me to talk to you for fifteen plus minutes, ask me about how much I love Kentucky.

Pinterest | I love spending my free time pinning. I love it because I adore having inspiration boards, but on Pinterest, it's so much easier to curate all the things you love.

Awkward half-face mostly shirt pictures | Woo! I take a lot of these. :) I don't know why, but I love these pictures, and they make me happy so...

My Exam Playlist | I made this specifically made this for when I was studying for exams, but it's probably my favorite playlist of all time. It's kinda Indie, kinda not, but it's basically all my favorite relaxing songs.

Team USA hockey chant | "Oh mama, don't you cry. USA hockey is do or die." I'm seriously obsessed with all things Team USA, so naturally this chants gives me chills. (Second video) Also this moment.

Getting meaningful gifts | This is especially appropriate since my birthday was this past week. (Haul will be up next week!) My friends and family did amazing jobs, and they put so much effort in to making my 16th birthday an amazing once. All their gifts were so thoughtful, and I think that's what makes them so special.

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  1. I love that moment of crossing the last thing off my list, sitting back and just feeling (what feels like) the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders.
    With Love, Madylin @ smilesnmiles.com