Twenty-Two // Anxiety, Fear, and Stress

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How do you deal with...?

Anxiety | Schwell, I have major problems with anxiety, but I am learning how to deal with it. The first step to dealing with it is to remove yourself from the situation. I know this can be extremely difficult, but honestly, it is the thing that helps the most, at least for me, because you are not around what caused you anxiety. But sometimes the anxiety is your head, so when that happens, I just watch Breakfast at Tiffany's

Fear | I am going to admit I don't deal with fear well. Normally, when I am afraid, I just start getting anxious then I cry or watch a movie. 

Stress | I thrive off of being under pressure that I put on myself, but when I am super stressed, I normally take a nap or eat a bagel. 

So clearly, I am not the best at dealing with these things. Oops... 

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