Enlances con SDS

I feel really bad that I missed last week's post, but I didn't realize I had yet to write it until we were driving home from the tournament. Acceptable right? So this week I am showing y'all what I loved last week and this week. 

Kate and Andy Spade's Southhampton Home | An old post by Matchbook Mag, but lovely just the same. 

This dress from Gap is everything I've ever wanted in a dress. I would like both the pink & navy and the green & navy... Only problem? It's for kids. 

This tote from Sloane Ranger is too wonderful. 

"I'm not bossy. I am the boss." Was obsessed with this last week, and I still am. 

For all your college apparel needs, check out Pennington & Bailes. All I need is someone to wear those UK embroidered pants.

The acoUstiKats take Kesha (and Pitbull...) and make it a thousand times better! (Also one of the Dance Cats went to my high school.) 

I am not in a sorority...yet..., but I LOVED this article about redefining what #TSM means.

 Happy weekend!

And I can I say that I missed yesterday's post because I was sick... I took a nap after school that turned into me falling asleep.... 

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