Old Navy Mini Spring Haul

I am basically a walking advertisement for Old Navy sometimes. Probably half of my clothes are from there, and I am obsessed. Every time I go I could probably buy the entire store if my dad let me. So obviously when I went to go get new jeans because mine didn't fit anymore, I bought more than I intended. Let's just call this a mini spring haul. 

One of my favorite things about Old Navy is they do nautical so perfectly. There were so many fun anchor prints and nautical inspired clothing. I about died. Without further ado, here's my mini haul! 

First thing, I bought new jeans. I got the Sweet Heart skinny jeans in the second darkest shade. I got the same jeans last fall, but between the material stretching and me losing weight, those do not fit anymore, so I picked up these. Here's my tip for jeans: buy them a little tight. Not so tight that they don't button, but tight enough that when they stretch, they will still fit. 

Then I picked up the Diva pixie pants aka the most perfect pants ever. They are so similar to the J.Crew pixie pants but half the cost. I'm honestly considering ordering them in every other color specially the red ones and the black ones.

I got this light chambray shirt dress, and it's amazing. I've been looking for something like this for a while. I got in a size larger than I normally wear because I like the "boxiness" of it.

I am most excited about this last item. I got a navy striped sweater. Surprisingly, I didn't own one before this. And again, I am considering ordering every single sweater of Old Navy's website... 

Have a good Thursday! 


  1. I was on old navy today, oh goodness I want to go try those pixie pants on, if they fit well I will be in the same boat as you (wanting to buy every color.) I think old navy is such a good place to find the Jcrew look at a fraction of the cost. Even going on Jcrew factory makes me cry.
    With Love, Madylin @ smilesnmiles.com

    1. I wore my pixie pants today, and they are seriously so comfortable! I felt like I was wearing leggings, but I looked 100 times more put together.

      xx, Julianna