Birthday Wishlist (Links)

In case y'all didn't know, my birthday is in a couple of week. I am turning 17, and I am excited to celebrate my birthday because it means I am another year older, and I get to wear a tiara to school. One of my friends asked me what I wanted, and at the time, I didn't know, so I told her I would make a blog post giving her some options. Because what are friends for? ;) 

Quiet New York | I'm absolutely obsessed with New York. Or at least the idea of it. I've never been, but I will hopefully be going my senior year. Quiet New York is a photo collection of the city which I think is so perfect, and maybe it will hold over my wanderlust for another year. (Any of the other travel books from Anthropologie would be wonderful too.)

Instagram Pouch | Pamela Barsky makes the cutest canvas pouches, and I am particularly obsessed with the Instagram one. In all honestly, if I got any one of these, I would be so incredibly happy. 

NYX Lip Butter | Y'all, it's called JuJu . . . It was made for me, but really, lip butters are my absolutely favorite lip products right now. 

I will accept anything that is monogrammed. Just a rule of thumb for life. 

xoxo, jKm

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