January Playlist

Instead of sharing with y'all one of favorite albums/songs in my monthly favorites (be on the lookout this), I thought I would share with y'all all of my favorite music because January has definitely been a month of listening to new songs and discovering new artists and rediscovering favorites. 

Ghost | I heard this song on the radio, and it got stuck in my head, and I looked it up after it stewed in my head for a while. I really like it because it sounds like other music I like but still very different.

Everywhere I Go | Y'all, New Politics is an obsession. I found them through YouTube because I was listening to Walk the Moon, and it took me a while to be like yes, I like them. I love this song, Harlem, and Tonight You're Perfect. 

Wildest Dreams | So we all know 1989 is my absolute obsession, but Wildest Dreams may be one of my favorite songs ever. I am sing screaming it every time it's on. Ugh. It's perfect. Also, New Romantics? Again. Bless TaySwift. 

Tears | Does anyone remember AllStar Weekend from the Disney Channel? Anyone? Okay, well, they ditched Disney and became the Tragic Thrills. They sound so great. It's a more rockish take to their music and it totally works. But I still listen to their old music too. *swoons*

Shut Up and Dance | I've probably listened to this song the most this month. It's crazy good, and honestly just puts me in an amazing mood. And have y'all seen the music video???

Stolen Dance | This is a song that definitely grew on me the more I listened to it. I love how it sounds. Like all the background noise and the voice sounds deeper and intense and then goes it to the more upbeat part. I don't really know. I am awful at explaining music, but I like it. 

These are definitely my top six songs this month, but follow me on Spotify to see all my music. :)

xoxo, jKm

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  1. Yassss 1989 = love. I'm going to her concert in July at the MetLife Stadium in Jersey and I may or may not be counting down the days?