No Comparisons

I had a rough day yesterday. And rough as in I almost cried three times. Something I cannot stand is being made to feel as if I am inferior even if it is being done unintentionally. Usually it is not even another person's fault; it is my own. 

One of my worsts habits is comparing myself to others which has become so easy especially in high school where you are labeled by anything you do. Football manager. Sports Editor. My Class Rank. My GPA. Then those labels are being compared to everyone's else labels. Is your GPA higher? Do you have a higher class rank? Are you more involved? It's the worst, and I try so hard not to do this, but it's almost impossible when we are taught to be better than the next at a young age. 

 During Spanish yesterday we were writing summaries, and mine was just not good in comparison to the girl sitting next to me. I struggled with conjugating and had to look up every fifth word while the girl next to me wrote a two page summary while I had barely just gotten three paragraphs done. I felt awful. This happened in two of my other classes too. I wasn't good enough in comparison to those around me. But my progress shouldn't be compared to those around me. One of my favorite quotes is Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. I just need to focus on what I am doing and how I am improving. Not how I compare to the person sitting next to me because who am I to compare myself to someone completely different? I am playing against myself. No one else.

xoxo, jKm 

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