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Yesterday I mentioned that I had recently changed how I organize my school life, and I do have to say; it's working really well. It's taking some serious effort to do anything for school since it's second semester, so it's nice that all notes and agenda are so colorful and happy. :)

Recently, I have searched for the perfect pen. I hate, hate when pens bleed through notebook paper because it makes it hard to take notes, and I'm super picky about the size of the pen tip. At Target, I bought the InkJoy stick pens. Yoooooo, I love them. Absolute perfect pen, so if you're looking for a new set, I definitely suggest these. 

I used to assign the types of assignments to a color, but now each subject has a color. Stat is green. Lang is pink. History is blue. Physics is black. Spanish is red. I'm writing less this way, and I love seeing the different colors; it's so helpful. When I am done with something, I highlight it which is a tip I stole from Dorothy

Welcome to my Stat notebook. Stat is really the only class I take real notes in right now. (Probably should take notes in physics... Oops.) I love using color while taking notes because it's scientifically proven that colors help you remember information better. I'm in high school, so I have to write out my notes, but I fully believe writing something helps you remember it more than typing. I box in or underline words that are super important, and highlight vocabulary words by writing them in different colors. (Also if you have idea what this means... Help?)

What are your tips for organizing?
xoxo, jKm

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