Winter Essentials

After a couple weeks, it has finally started to get cold in Georgia, and I'm not the biggest fan. I don't really mind the cold because I'm rarely outside during the school day, but I don't like the gray skies that winter brings. Have to get through winter somehow, and these are my must haves for the cold.

Cute Mugs | I received both these mugs from my best friends, Natalie (hurry up before it's gone!) and Anna, for Christmas, and I guess I am starting a collection. ;) I'm a huge hot chocolate drinker in the colder months, and something about a pretty mug makes it taste so much better. (And dare I say it? More instagram worthy?)

Fuzzy/Warm Socks | I wasn't a huge sock wearer a year ago, but I love them. My feet are always cold, lately. For my secret Santa gift in newspaper, my friend, Jillian, gave them to me, and they are so warm. I am also obsessed with my J.Crew camp socks. Those are perfect for wearing out in public.

EOS Lip balm | One of things I forgot about winter was how chapped my lips get. It's awful, but I am forever trusting my EOS lip balms. I don't carry them around as much in the other seasons, but trust me, in the winter, I probably have two or three on hand at any given time. Favorites: Vanilla mint, pomegranate raspberry, and strawberry sorbet. (It's like Pokemon. Gotta have them all.)

Ankle Boots | I got this pair from Target this year, and I love them. Not my usual style, but they definitely twist things up from my usual riding boots. They're structured and really comfortable, and I love wearing them with my camp socks.

Hunter Rain Boots | Is is really an essential list with my rain boots? They're so great for every season whether it's raining in the spring winter summer or snowing in the fall and winter. I love the red pair so much, and I've talked about how I think they're the superior color choice. 

xoxo , jKm

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