Favorite Beauty Products

After Gracey shared her beauty favorites last month, it got me thinking about what I couldn't live without. It was kinda hard because I don't wear makeup a whole lot or do a ton to me hair. #lazyproblems But there are something that when I do put effort in, I am using all the time. 

Today is part one of two. Today is all about make-up stuff, and tomorrow will be about hair. 

Beauty Blender | Hashtag cheap. Mine is from Target, but it works just the same. Probably... This is such a favorite because it makes your foundation look so natural compared to streaky, and it helps make sure you hit all the place. In my opinion, it helps your makeup stay on longer.

Primer | I love this stuff because a. it's relatively cheap and b. it works. I can tell such a difference on how long my makeup lasts if I use this stuff. Put it on your eyes too, and eyeliner is always on point.

Red Rapture and Fuchsia Power 
NYC Lipstick | Y'all this stuff is super pigmented, doesn't dry out your lips, and lasts all day. And the colors are so pretty. Seriously considering buying the rest of them. Fuchsia Power reminds me on the NYX matte lip cream in Addis Ababa except not matte, and Red Rapture is a darker red which I don't normally wear. Still love it. 

Liquid Eyeliner | I am obsessed with this eyeliner, and I have been for a year. I found about it through YouTube, and it's one of the easiest eyeliner to apply, and it last for a long time. It doesn't smudge too much, and it's easy to fix if you make a mistake which I am all about. 

Lip Butter | Another lip favorite. Again super pigmented and last a while, and when it does fade, it fades nicely if that makes sense. It's less shiny than the NYC lipstick, but it isn't matte. It's the perfect middle between the two. 

What are your beauty favorites?
xoxo, jKm

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