What's Been Going On?

Ha. Ha. I've been going for a while... Lots and lots have happened in the last two weeks. I turned 17 only 12 days ago. My dad came home for my winter "break" and then ended up going back up to Ohio since weather was awful. I went back to school and immediately got overwhelmed. Then I hurt my back. THEN I hurt my knee. (Tore my meniscus? We'll see, and please don't ask me how I did it.)  Life has definitely thrown its curve balls at me, and I am not about it. Clearly my motivation hasn't be large. I am having trouble studying, so blogging isn't going to come easy. I was watching Daria's new video, and I just decided that I wasn't going to give up. 

I just sorta woke up. I am tired of being the person who is standing in the way. I am tired of giving up half way through. I am going to take life by the horns and give 'em hell. Hopefully. 

xoxo, jKm 

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