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Hey y'all, so at the beginning of summer I did one of my favorite things that I've ever done for the blog: Countdown to Game Day. Since it's March, I thought I would do something similar for March Madness and the NCAA tournament. There are six Mondays including Championship Day until college basketball is done for the season, so to honor one of my favorite sports, I am going to be posting outfits based on the six teams with the most NCAA titles every Monday until the sixth of April. This includes Duke, UConn, UNC, Indiana, Kentucky, and ULCA. Some of these easy will be very to do, but some will be very hard. As you can tell by the title, today we are starting with Duke.

Duke Blue Devils
Duke is a part of the ACC and is located in Durham, North Carolina. They are coach by Mike Krzyzewski, Coach K, who has coached there for 35 years. Duke has won 4 national titles, and they are known for their intense fan base, who are called the Cameron Crazies. 

Shirt: Old Navy // Pants: Old Navy (color unavailable) // Shoes: Target // Necklace: Target 

xoxo, jKm

I tried to keep my bias away, but at least I saved it for the end...? Here it goes... I. Hate. Dook. I am still bitter over 1992 even though I wasn't born, and I literally cringed while writing about them. I do respect Coach K a lot because even my mom has never said a bad word about him, but never in my life will I root for Dook. 

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