March Favorites

March is over... Tomorrow is the first of April. I have two months of junior left. Cue the panic/excitement. This month went by really quickly, yet the weeks went by really slowly. Does anyone else ever feel like that? Oh well... A lot happened this month, so I have a couple of favorite that I want to share with y'all!

Siren in Scarlet | One word: Obsessed. I've never loved a red lipstick more than I have loved this one. It's the perfect bright red shade. It last literally all day. (It lasted through school.) The matte is perfect. Honestly, I would suggest this lipstick to everyone. I think it would work for every type of person. 

Neutrogena Treatment Pads | I bought this while I was in Kentucky because I was breaking out so bad. It was a huge problem. Between this and the next product, my face cleared up with in a weekend. I still had remnants of the breakouts, but I could conceal it which I couldn't do when the breakouts were the size of mountains. Ew. 

Neutrogena Spot Treatment | I use this when I don't use the treatment pads. In my opinion, this stuff doesn't dry out your skin like some spot treatments. And it works. It helps clear up my breakouts so well, and it helps prevent new ones from happening. 

Converse | Meet my new favorite shoes. I hurt my knee this month, so I've been wearing my Keds and Converse like crazy. Fun and practical. Plus who can resist royal blue? Not me... 

Necklace: Bluetique // Earrings: Target
 Again, another piece from Bluetique. I love this necklace mainly because I think the clusters look like cat paws, and ya know... It's March. Go Cats! But I'll say it again, Bluetique has something for everyone. If you're ever near one, go.

Pearls are a girl's best friend, right? Until you lose them... But if you didn't already know this, Target has a set of three (I was wearing one) for $5. They're actually pretty great quality, and you get the luxury of choosing what size you want to wear. I prefer wearing the biggest size, but I'm glad I now have the option to wear smaller pearls.

Hope y'all had a great March and here's to April, (my) spring break, and school being almost over!
xoxo, jKm

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