Welcome to New York (& Boston)

At this point in the semester, all I can think about is Spring Break. (And my SAT scores.) I have a week and two days until I am on break, and I am so excited. Like 90% of my school goes to the beach for break, but I am honestly not a huge fan of the beach. Personally I'd rather be on a lake or near the sea in the north. Usually, we just go to Kentucky, but we've spent a lot of time there this year, so... If you can't tell by the title, I am going to New York and Boston! 

Emma and I are going together, and we're going to spend time in New York then visit Will in Boston. I am super excited because it's been a goal to go to both cities. Plus I get to see Will who I haven't seen since Christmas. I've been to both cities, but I don't remember going to New York, and our last Boston trip was really short, so I am excited to start crossing off my bucket list. 

If any of my Northern followers have any advice for dressing in these cities during the first week of April, please help a Southern girl out, 

xoxo, jKm

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  1. If you need any NYC advice, just email me! You're going to have so much fun!! :)