Spring Break 2015: New York + Boston

As y'all know, I spent the past week in New York/Boston for my Spring Break with my sister! New York was absolutely wonderful, and I fell in love. Boston was less wonderful because it was really cold and not pleasant, but I am excited to go back in the summer, hopefully. I got to see both my brother and my cousins while up North. I hadn't seen my cousins since the wedding last year, and it was exciting getting to hang out with them in the West Village. My favorite part was definitely shopping on Madison Avenue. Plus Shake Shack. In words of Aziz, "One of the big things I miss about New York is not my friends so much; it’s Shake Shack, the burger place. I miss Shake Shack."
Warning: Picture Heavy

Snacks at the Steps of the Met. I'm basically Blair Waldorf.

Vineyard Vines at the Prudential Center.

Emma at the Boston Public Library looking at the Sargent paintings. 

The Staten Island Ferry in order to see the skyline/Statue of Liberty. 

xoxo, jKm

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