Unofficial Start to Senior Year

I am a 'senior.' Sorta. At my school, the Thursday before graduation is the current class' last day. It is a day full of fun and sadness because the seniors are leaving, and it was especially hard this year because I've known all my friends for three years now. Also shaving cream war? That's a thing. But then the next day the juniors wear their senior shirts. We tailgate in the morning, and it's a fun tradition that everyone looks forward to, so I thought I would bring y'all along. :)

The tailgate was not the best ever, but I had so much fun because I was with my favorite people, and it was an amazing way to kick off senior year. :)



 Selfie Stick action


Maalik & Robby


 Tailgate :)

A1 since Grade 1

xoxo, jKm

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