Favorite Hair + Skin Care Products

I couldn't wait till the end of June to share with y'all my favorite hair/skin care items. This combination has seriously just made me so happy, and it just works really well for me. During the summer, I kinda avoid taking showers unless I am going out/hanging out with friends, but now I am excited to take a shower if that makes sense? Just because I love these products so, so, so much. 

I'm obsessed with Not Your Mother's. I love their Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, so I figured I would love the brand's shampoo and conditioner as well. And I do. I love, love them so much more so than any other shampoo and conditioner combination that I've used before. The smell isn't my favorite ever, but it isn't super concentrated, so it doesn't last for a really long time, which I like. Also, since they are a purifying shampoo and conditioner, it gets all the "gunk" out of your hair and makes your super soft. 

This is my favorite facial cleanser ever. When I can use it, I can literally feel it cleaning my pores out. I mainly use it as a cleanser when I take showers, but I will use it as a mask if my skin is particularly oily. When it says it controls shine for up to 8 hours, it isn't joking. I will use it before I go to sleep, and when I wake up skin is still not oily. God bless rice protein for what you do for my skin. 

I love what Argan Oil does for my hair. It makes it soft and smell good plus it protects my hair from heat damage. I love the Oil from Organix (Now ORX!), and I cannot get enough of the smell. I will use this mainly on the ends of my hair once my hair is like half way dried, and then I will use a little more right before I blow dry my hair or straighten it. 

I will use this moisturizer if my skin is doing alright, and I am not breaking out like crazy. Like if I am breaking out a little bit, this is what I use when my face is still wet from a shower because you should moisturizers right after you shower since it locks in the water still on your skin! See. I learned something in my chemistry class. :) 

If my breakout is horrible, I will use these treatment pads after I shower. They work wonders and help reduce redness and the size of break outs super quickly, so if I have school or an event the next day, I will use these to help clear up my breakouts fast. They make your skin feel kind of weird and greasy right after you use them, but the feeling goes away in a few of minutes. They don't make your skin oily even if they feel like they will. 

xoxo, jKm

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