My Weekend with the AllStars

My Father's Day present to my dad was tickets to MLB's AllStar Game FanFest, Futures Game, and Celebrity Softball. Originally, I was going to take him to a Pirates game because I've never been to Pittsburgh, but then I remember the ASG was in Cincinnati this year. (If y'all didn't know, my dad got transferred to Dayton this past fall, which is right outside of Cincy.) I thought my dad would enjoy these things more than the actual game or the HomeRun Derby because they're kinda chill activities, and we both love Celebrity Softball so much more than any other ASG activity. One time Shawn Johnson did a backflip to first base, and we still talk about it.

However, if you don't follow me on Twitter or Snapchat (jujukachoo), y'all missed the disaster that this trip turned into. I was supposed to fly out Sunday morning at 8:30ish, and my dad and I were going to spend the morning exploring Cincinnati and then go to the games. Well, my flight got delayed. Then it got delayed again... And again... And again. I ended up getting on a plane at around 5 and landed at the Covington airport at 6:50. We missed all of the Futures Game and 5 and a half innings of Celebrity Softball. Fantastic, right? I was incredibly disappointed, but my dad and I still had a fun weekend. I may have suggested we go to San Diego for AllStar Weekend next year because I wish that we had had more time to experience everything.

Celebrity Softball

Taping of Mike & Mike

Fan Fest

xoxo, jKm

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