DIY: Minimalistic Binder Covers

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For the past three years, I've made monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer binder covers, but for my senior year, I've decided to change it up a bit. I wanted to go on a more minimalistic route. I showed what my binders looked like in my school supplies haul.
These binder covers are inspired by Sammy and hers from last year! 

Step 1: For these covers, I wanted the white edges to be smaller, so I made the square go past the "boundary" lines that are on Publisher. The dimensions I used are 10.51" x 7.5". (HxW) Make sure it's all centered and everything. 

Step 2: Remove the outline of the shape, and choose a fill color. Publisher offers Pantone colors which in my opinion is seriously amazing. I picked a base color in the wheel and then I would go up or down on the shading to pick a color. What's nice is you can find Pantone colors you like on the internet and then search them on Publisher to use them. (Like how cool would it be to have ones with Fall 2015 colors? Or Spring 2015?)

Step 3: Draw another box that will act as the white bar. Once again remove the outline and make the fill white. For size, it's 2.04" high, and I just stretched it across the page because it's white, and you won't notice whether it's the same length as the other stuff. 

Step 3.5: I didn't put the bar in any specific place. Just decide what you like best! 

Step 4: Draw a straight line and instead of worrying about making it the same length as the box, just go to the Drawing Tools format and make it 7.5". For weight, I made mine 16 pt. Then I made the line navy and copied it, so I had two lines. 

Step 5: Select everything excluding the white bar and align them. 

Step 6: Insert a text box and type in the class name. For the font, I downloaded and used Glass Antiqua. For font size, it depended on how long the class name is. Like for AP Euro, I used size 72 pt, but for AP Bio and AP Lit, I used 100 pt. Like the lines, I made the font navy. 

Step 7: Then just duplicated the page for all the rest of the classes and change the background color and the name on the bar and the size of the font! 

I did this for my notebooks as well using Lilly patterns that go with the color of the binder cover. #ColorCoordinateOrDie

If you any questions, comment down below or email me!
xoxo, jKm
(I changed the dimensions, so follow along with the text dimensions and the not the ones in the pictures!)

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