Enlances con SDS

Happy, happy Friday! This week has felt so long, and I haven't felt great. Physically or mentally. But I am so excited for the weekend because I am using it to get everything back on track. I'm getting organized, and hopefully I will feel better after that. 

Just a little fun thing for today! (via)

Look at how cute this hat from Vineyard Vines is. This was definitely just added to my wishlist.

For everyone taking economics right now, there's a Crash Course series for that, which I'm pumped about.  

This necklace from Packed Party is perfect for someone who is going to college or moving! P.S. Dorothy has a discount code.

I've been loving the new arrivals from Lilly! Particularly this dress because trapeze dresses are my fav. I need to go to Phipps, so I can find a dress for homecoming. 

Hope y'all have a good Friday and an amazing weekend!
xoxo, jKm

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