4 Tips for Saturdays in the South

Hey y'all! I hope you're having a wonderful Labor Day filled with relaxation and not packing away your whites. This past weekend I was in Athens spending the weekend with my best friend and touring the school. One of my favorite parts was going to my first regular season SEC football game! (I went to UK's Spring Game two years ago.) I absolutely loved spending my Saturday in Sanford, but I learned quite a few things about attending a football game. Here my top four tips: 

Tip #1 Wear Sunscreen! And bring it with you! Even if you put it on before you leave, chances are that it will wear off by the time you leave the game. I definitely learned my lesson because now I have some burn lines that will be here for a while... 

Tip #2 Hydrate Drinks are not allowed in side stadium to help prevent bring alcohol in and to make money, so drink lots of water before the game. It is super hot especially when you attend at noon game, and you will get dehydrate really quick if you don't drink any water before. Water is ridiculous expensive inside the stadium so keep that in mind. 

Guess where I got burned?

Tip #3 Dress for the Weather Southerns are known to dress up for games, but there are so many ways you can dress up that don't include a dress but include shorts and a shirt. Also, cowboy boots are a staple, but they're also super hot! Wearing sandals and converse is perfect until it's actually fall. 

Tip #4 Look Cute until the Pictures are Done Pics or it didn't happen, right? Well, staying cute in the melting sun can be hard, especially your hair. Take your pictures as soon as you get to the game then once that's done put your hair up. It's H-O-T and having your hair down will not help, so bring an extra hair tie to use once you've finished with pictures. 

xoxo, jKm

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