Spirit Week + Homecoming

First... a life update... Again. Some of y'all may have noticed that I took a month long hiatus from blogging. Senior year got the best of me. Between the stressing about my actual classes, applying to college, and resisting senioritis, I had no time to blog. Well, I did, but I had no time to worry about coming up with ideas and actually write posts. But guess what? I sent in my last college application on Monday and my last transcript today. I. Am. Done. Now that I don't have to worry about that I can dedicate my time back to blogging. I am really excited about the upcoming months, and I cannot wait to share it with y'all! And now what you came here for... 

Spirit Week + Homecoming! My senior year homecoming week was amazing. Spirit Week is my absolute favorite because I love dressing up and being ridiculously spirited. Our "theme" this year was Rope Up the Mustangs because that's who we were playing in football, so we had a Western Day and a Western themed homecoming dance. 

Day 1: Jersey Day | Natalie and I both borrowed practice jerseys from our friends on the football team, which was really nice of them. I thought it was funny Natalie got a Defense one while I got an Offense one. 

Day 2: Heroes vs. Villains | Anna and Christina were sharks from Jaws; the heroes they say. I did a pretty bad version of Captain America, but like if Cap went on a date??? I don't know. 

Day 3: Decades: I don't have a photo from Wednesday, but I dressed up in a very preppy 80's way. #typical

Day 4: Western Day | Blame it all of my roots...

Day 5: Toga Day!!! | On Spirit Day, seniors wear togas, and it is the best day of all. I obviously had to make mine green and white (my school colors). 

So happy I got to spend homecoming with my best friends. Since this is already pretty photo heavy, I'll share the rest of the photos some other day, but these are my favorites. 

xoxo, jKm

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