3-D Printing + Fashion World

The world around us is changing, and there are new developments every day. One of my favorites is 3-D printing. The first time I heard about 3-D printers was when I visited my friends at Georgia Tech, and one of them actually had a 3-D printer in his dorm common area. Since then, this has become a huge technology for science but also for fashion. Just recently, Paris Fashion Week feature 3-D fashions by Dutch designer, Iris Van Herpen.  She combines fashion and science together to create different and interesting designs.

3-D Printing is available because of additive manufacturing aka 3-D printers. AM allows for designers to get their products made faster and cheaper, and it allows for more customization. There are a lot of subsets of AM, which if I explain, it will sound like gibberish, so here are some explanations.

The world of 3-D printing and fashion, however, does not stop at Paris Fashion week. Shapeways allows people like you and me to upload designs to printed using 3-D technology, and they've even designed their own dresses. You upload the design, and they'll produce it. Designs range for jewelry to art to home, and everything is incredibly unique. Most of the designs incorporate science and math, which is so cool. The options are endless and incredibly affordable considering you're getting personally designed, 3-D printed things. 

I picked out some of my favorite jewelry options from Shapeways, but there's so much more available from artwork to lighting.

xoxo, jKm

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