2015 in Review

BONUS THURSDAY POST! The past six months have flown by, so I am not sure where the year went. 2015 had its ups and downs as all years do. I think throughout this year I grew up a lot. The first part of the year was really hard because my dad had just left for Ohio. I will not lie to you. It sucked. A lot. My dad is one of my best friends so not having him here for a lot of important things was hard. I also finished my junior year, which was again rough. Definitely my hardest and worst year in high school.

Something I kept in the back of my head was Proverbs 31:25, She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. I don't talk a lot about my faith on here because a. It's controversial, and b. I'm still trying to work it out myself. At the beginning of the year, I had fear of the future, and I definitely did not have strength. As the year went on, I realized that I had to let go off the fear and trust something. God? The Universe? Some magical being? Whatever you believe. I remembered one night I prayed and asked for Him to guide me into choosing the right college because I was so anxious about it. Something in my heart felt like that choice was Alabama, and I know I made the right decision. 

Okay so here are my favorites of 2015... 

Alabama // If you asked me where I was going to college last year, Alabama was not the answer, and y'all know that. I'm so grateful this place was brought into my life this past summer, and everyone who I've ever met involved in the University has been so welcoming. I still have to work on my "Roll Tide," but hopefully we will get there before August. 

Summer 2015 // This might have been the best summer yet. I went to LSU for camp, visited Alabama, took my dad to AllStar Weekend, spent a weekend in Savannah, and worked on the best AP Biology summer project with my best friends. I am hoping that Summer 2016 can somehow top it. 

Football // I have spent five years of my life managing my middle/high school football team. I have so many wonderful memories associated with this team, and my senior season was absolutely perfect. I could not have asked for a better group of guys to spend my last year with. 

New York // New York had such a positive impact on me during spring break. It was the first I could remember visiting the city, and it was my first trip without my parents (Emma was there). I don't think I could ever live in the City mainly because I hate being cold, and I love the South, but it's an amazing place to visit and gain inspiration. Maybe I can go visit again. 

Friends // I have really amazing friends who are incredibly supportive and wonderful. I have way too many wonderful friends to name, but Natalie in particular has been an amazing best friend. We have our moments where I think one of us isn't particularly fond of the other why, but we're usually okay in at the most 24 hours. It's hard to imagine that this time next year we won't be complaining about how horrible our math class is or stressing over economics. Luckily she'll only be 2 hours away at Auburn next year! Roll Eagle, y'all. 

Family // 2015 was spent with most of us being apart. Emma, my mom, and I were here in Georgia while my dad was trying to visit as much as possible from Ohio, and Will stayed in Boston (and other cities with marshes) for most of the year. That meant the time all five of us together aka Christmas was so important. My wish for 2016 is for us to be together more often and for my dad to come back home. 

Voted "Best School Spirit" | I am not sure if I ever talked about this on here, but definitely one of 2015 best moments was when I was voted for "Best School Spirit" by my classmates, and I got it with one of my really good friends, Ross. It's one of the highlights from my senior year and high school experiences. 

I definitely failed at my New Year's resolutions last year, especially when it came to blogging. I can feel it though. 2016 will be a good blogging year. I have so much coming up with senior prom, graduation, moving into my dorm, sorority recruitment, starting college, and whatever else happens that I feel like I will always have something to write about. I am determined to make 2016 an amazing year, and I cannot wait for it. 

Happy New Year's Eve! I hope y'all had a good 2015 and y'all will have an even better 2016. 
xx, jKm


December Favorites

Happy end of December! This month flew by pretty quickly even with exams, and I've finished my first semester of senior year and my second to last semester of high school. So far I've had an incredibly relaxing break minus some sporting events that raised my blood pressure. Louisville versus Kentucky and Washington versus the Eagles was not a good combination on Saturday. All and all this was a very good month because it rarely dropped below 50 degrees, so I was pretty happy all month. Then BOTH my dad and brother came home, so it was the first all five of us were together since last year. Let's jump right into this... 

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner | I'll be real with ya here. I bought this because I love the smell of coconut, but like with most things from OGX, I love this combination with my Moroccan organ oil. It makes my hair smell really good and really soft, so basically all I ask for. I want to try to the Coconut Milk oil because my hair is prone to breakage.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser/Mask | I talked about this product over the summer, but once I ran out of my first bottle, I forgot to repurchase it. I started breaking out a ton this month because of stress, and my skin got really oily. I use it as a mask every time I shower, and it has helped a lot. Not completely solved the problem but helped.

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Graphic Eyeliner | I didn't wear a ton of makeup this month because I basically rolled out of bed to go to school every day, but when I did wear makeup, I wore this eyeliner. Y'all, it's the only eyeliner I ever want to use. It's pretty easy to use, and it 'll last throughout the day for me as long as I don't rub my eyes. My favorite part is it is really easy to fix it if you mess up when you're first putting it on. Also it looks like a liquid eyeliner, but it's a marker.

Nike Free Run 5.0 | Since I've been rolling out of bed a lot this month, I've been wearing my Nikes a lot as well. I don't wear them for running because a. I don't run, and b. I have better running shoes, so I don't know if these are the best for that. I've had mine since sophomore year, so I can't find the exact pair anymore, but I linked all the Nike Free Run 5.0. 

"Cake by the Ocean" by DNCE | This is the dumbest song, but I love it?

One Direction | Haha... Whoops. I am late on this bandwagon. I've watched Jame Corden's Carpool Karaoke at least seven times (Can we talk about how perfect Harry is??), and I've also just been listening to One Direction all the time. Like "No Control" and "Perfect" are my absolutely shiz right now.

See You in Valhalla | Instead of studying for exams, I watched a lot of movies. Didn't you? See You in Valhalla stars Sarah Hyland, and it's a little weird and sometimes forced at times. All and all I liked it. It was definitely a different story line, yet it still had that central family component. Not the best movie but still something I would recommend.

Master of None | I watched a lot of this in November, but again during my post-pone studying at all costs phase, I started watching it again. I love Aniz Ansari, and this is some of his best work. It's incredibly real and talks about issues that are incredibly relevant to how minorities are portrayed in the media and how women are treated. 

xx, jKm


Lessons from First Semester

Today I finished my first semester of my senior year. Once I have finished my AP Lit exam, I will officially be 7/8 of the way done with high school. Hahaha. I am uncomfortable with that thought. First semester went by really quickly. I'm not sure where it went. It seems like just yesterday I was sharing my high school advice, and this post is kind of an extension of that one. (Also before I get too long winded, please make sure you watch this!)

Senior year is really different than the rest of high school because you are applying for college, figuring out what you will be doing for the next four years, do things for the last time, and oh yeah, studying for school. Senior year is stressful in a way that no other year is because of college haunting you. I'm grateful I only applied to four colleges with two of them being rolling admissions and one being early action and other having a February decision release. There wasn't a whole lot of waiting time for me because I already knew I got into a college by September. While I wasn't necessarily stressing over getting into college, I was stressing about deciding where to go. It's a big decision to decide where you're going to spend the next four years of your life. One of the things my mom kept telling me was that it was my decision. Not hers. Not my dad's. Not my sister's. Not my friends'. Mine. Usually she said that when I asked her where she thought I should go. Then my dad always told me that I was going to be happy no matter where I went because I would do things that made me happy. That all kinda left it up to a gut decision, which I am horrible at. I need facts, not feelings. I keep saying this, but I plan on doing a post about my decision and the process I went through to decide.

Despite the stress of college, this year has probably been my favorite so far. At the beginning of the year, I decided I was going to do everything that I could to make this the best year yet. Going to all the games I could. Hanging out with my friends as much as I could. Seeing all the productions. Very rarely saying no to an opportunity. Taking classes I love. Life's a whole lot more fun when you're having fun. One of the reasons I loved high school so much was because I tried to be involved in as much as I could handle, and I think that's just how life is. Sure, there are days where I say I hate school, and I don't want to come back, but in general, I have really loved high school because of what I was doing. I absolutely loved being on newspaper, working with the football team, and blogging, which has been a huge part of high school for me. I never did something that I didn't want to do except taking physics. Also I probably loved this semester a lot because I've slept more in the past five months than I have in the past three years. 

I'll tell y'all a secret... I made my first B this year. Granted, it was an A with the five points I get from it being an AP class, but without those points, I made a B. I've never made a B more except for eighth grade math, which I don't count because I cried my way through the entire class. I worked really hard, and it stil didn't get me a natural A. It sucked. I cried for about three hours on Wednesday, but then I realized something. Who cares? I went through almost four years of high school without making below a 90, and that in itself is impressive. Maybe (probably) I put too much pressure on myself for three and a half years. I talked to my economics/government teacher yesterday, and she told me how I earned that B. You can earn a B or even a C. There are classes where you work for every point, and you still ended up with a B or a C or a D. Maybe it's just my high school, but there's this culture surrounding the high achievers that the all thing that matters is making A's, which is definitely not true. I am grateful for my first B in high school. There will probably be a lot more where that one came from when I go to college, and now I know for sure that the sun will still rise the next day.

I hope all of your exams went well and your semester break is fantastic!
xx, jKm


Gift Guide: Under $50

On Monday, I shared with you my gifts for the college bound kid, and today I am sharing with you my picks that are all under $50! With so many people are your list, you will want to keep a budget limit for some, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on great gifts. 

Bracelet ($40) | I love, love, love KJP's products. The rope bracelet remind me of childhood activities, and all of the products are made in America. Not to mention they are super cute. How much better could it get? 

Compact Mirror ($30) | I feel like compact mirrors are one of those things people need but never buy, which makes it a perfect Christmas present. This one is from Kate Spade and is complete with a cute saying. 

Candle ($8.99) | Who would have thought patchouli and tobacco would smell good? It's a surprising pair that actually works pretty well together.  

Lipstick ($32) | This lipstick is expensive, but it's honestly my (and Emma's) favorite lipstick. The formula is perfect, and the color lasts forever. I highly recommend it. 

Headband ($24.50) | Leopard is a neutral. Enough said. 

Earrings ($38 - Order these by Thursday!) | Fun earrings are one of the perfect gifts because you can get a pair that goes with the person you are buying for. The pineapple ones from Design Darling are fun twist on a normal pair of studs. 

Nail Polish ($8.50) | Essie is my favorite nail polish brand. They're a decent price, and there are so many color options. You can buy a couple colors that go together and make a super cute manicure/pedicure gift jar if you're feeling crafty

Watch ($25) | I got this watch recently, and it's been the perfect addition to my accessory collection. Charming Charlie's has so many options that are relatively cheap compared to other watches. You will definitely be able to find the right one. 

xx, jKm


Gift Guide | College Bound

Hey y'all! Today kicks off my week of gift guides. Christmas is coming up (!!!), so make sure to order your gifts this week. Today's guide is all about gifts for the College Bound student, like me. All of these gifts are Alabama theme, obviously, but they are available for a lot of other schools. 

Long Sleeve Shirt | This one is from the Tuskwear Collection, but Southern Collegiate Apparel has stuff for Auburn, UGA, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Clemson, Mississippi State, and Mizzou. These shirts are super cute and pretty comfortable. I have a shirt and a sweatshirt from the Alabama collection (and UGA shirt). Some of the collections have more options than others. 

Keyfob | Smathers and Branson offers options for so many schools from Alabama to Harvard to the Citadel. I think the keyfob is a cute gift because you can always show your school spirit in a subtle way. 

Bracelet | We know I love my Alabama Alex and Ani bracelet. Again, I think it's a cute and subtle way to always be supporting your school. 

Bag | L.L. Bean tote bags are one of my favorite things. I have that I used for school freshman year, and it has held up so well over the past four years except for a little dirt which is easily cleaned. 

Necklace | This necklace from Marley Lilly is perfect to either get excited about the new home state or to remember the old home state. I have a Georgia one, and I love it, but I am thinking about getting an Alabama one before I go off to school. 

Print | Evelyn Henson has some of the prettiest city prints featuring famous attractions in the city. Tuscaloosa's features Bryant Denny Stadium, Denny Chimes, the River Walk, and the Federal Courthouse. Again, you can get a print for the college town or for the home city. 

xx, jKm


Enlances con SDS

Happy FriYAY! I am one week closer to being done with first semester. I have one full week and then finals week, and I cannot wait for a two week break. I hope you all have a breezy next couple of weeks and finals go well! 

It dropped about 10-15 degrees within two days, so these mittens are becoming a must have.

I am super late on the blanket scarf trend, so if you are like, check on Monday Dress's options.  

xx, jKm


Fall/Winter Dresses

I want all the dresses in the world. If I could only wear dresses, I would, but I don't feel like looking nice all the time so... But all these fall and (Georgian) winter dresses, man. I love it. I am very into this kinda boho dresses that are super flowly and fun. This what I am here for, y'all. I am especially loving all the dresses from Old Navy, and it took a lot not to just show those.

Shirred-Back Shift // Floral Print // Embroidered Swing

xx, jKm