5 Things that Make Me Happy

...Even in the middle of winter. I am not a winter person. I am a spring, summer, AND fall person, but I cannot handle winter. I am longing for the days of December where it was 50 degrees outside. Y'all, it was 27 degrees last week in the morning. This is not okay. I'm praying for the days of spring to come faster. Another reason I am not a fan of winter is I get super sad. Winter especially January and February are really hard for me for some reason. They haven't been good months for me since middle school, so what I do is I made sure to 1. always have lights on up until I got to sleep and 2. surround myself with things that make me unconditionally happy. 

1. Organizing my agenda. Every Sunday night I sit done and I write down upcoming assignments for the new week. There's something so satisfying about being able to cross something off. My agenda is incredibly colorful compared to the gray winter, so all the colors make me really happy. 

2. Spotify's Songs to Sing in the Shower Playlist. I just discovered this playlist, but I can already tell it's going to be one of my favorites this month. It's a mix of older music and newer music, but it's all so good. 

3. Coloring. Who else is excited coloring is back in? No one? Just me? Y'all are missing out. I love the Secret City ones you can find at bookstores. I have the New York one, and it's so wonderful. Coloring is extremely relaxing, and it's so fun. 

4. Hot chocolate. I'm forever in debt to the person who made hot chocolate. I drink some probably once a day, and who isn't happy when drinking chocolate from a cute mug? I love my Anthropologie mug Emma got me for Christmas. 

5. My birth-month. Today marks the start of the countdown to my birthday. I'm super annoying about my birthday because it makes me happy even when I am upset about it being 30 degrees and gray. Sorry to all my friends who have to deal with "Guess what? My birthday is in a month!"

xx, jKm

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  1. I have that same coloring book, its been one of my favorite things to do lately!
    xo, Syd