Enlances con SDS

Life goals. via

These heels are on my must list. Striped heels are absolutely two of my favorite things.

Carly and Krista both posted blogging tips this week! They are two of my favorite bloggers, and they give such great advice.

Have you seen the new arrivals from Lilly? I am loving all the orange and pink.

I've recently become obsessed with this song again. It defined a lot of my childhood (and my naps).

Camping With Cats is one of my favorite Instagrams. All the pictures make me laugh so much because my cat would not go for that at all.

Everyone needs to go follow Elizabeth on Pinterest.

Vineyard home goals. Might somehow incorporate this into my dorm?

Can it be spring so I can get this coral linen-cotton dress?

I'm learning about viruses in AP Bio right now, and this TEDTalk is so cool because it deals with science and humanity.

xx, jKm

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