Enlances con SDS

I already have my prom dress, but this would be a great option.

I love graffitied walls, so this guide for ones in Atlanta is perfect. Any of my friends want to do this with me?

Let's talk about my new favorite person: Katie Nolan. She's all things I like in my sports personalities: 1. a woman, 2. funny, and 3. smart. If I told you I haven't been watching her nonstop, I'd be lying.

Can this be my dorm? I am so obsessed with browsing through dorm stuff because senioritis is real, y'all. Plus I just got the day I can pick my dorm, and I am so excited.

I've been getting into (the idea of) sandals more and more, and this pair from Sam Edelman is so cute. Where are you spring...

But winter isn't quite over, so I've been eyeing knee high black suede boots, and I think these are too great because they're waterproof.

My Mood Board has been all over the place, but then again so have I.

Not a link, but y'all need to watch "A Ballerina's Tale" on Netflix. It's a documentary about Misty Copeland, and it's absolutely amazing.

Speaking of Misty Copeland, have y'all seen her recreate Degas' paintings? The Little Dancer one might be my favorite because I love that piece of work so much.

Hope y'all had a wonderful short week!
xx, jKm

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