Wardrobe Cleanse

Before college, one of my goals is to clean out my closet and get new clothes. I've been feeling kind of blah with my closet lately. Maybe again it's because it's winter, but I feel like I've lost my sense of style. That's probably because all I wear is jeans and a t-shirt. Hello, senioritis... 

The past couple of weeks I've been going through my closet, slowly but surely. I started with getting rid of stuff that I haven't worn in at least a year. This was kind of hard because sometimes I'll get something and then never wear it. I feel awful getting rid of this stuff because it's money wasted, but it's just taking space up in my closet. I don't have a ton of room already in my closet, so keeping stuff I don't wear doesn't make sense. Lately I've been straying away from my more "preppy" style, and I really want to go back to that. I defintely feel like it suits me more as a person, and I've been trying to focus on what's popular rather than what I like.

Here are some of my essentials that I am definitely keeping in my closet. (Everything is J.Crew/Factory because of the background not because everything I own is from J.Crew.)

xx, jKm

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