Wishlist for Game Days

Okay, so I know it's only February, but I am already thinking about Game Day like it's next week. Who can blame me? Next season is my first football season as a student, and I am so excited to spend my Saturdays in Bryant-Denny. There's one problem... I don't own nearly enough crimson and white for football season. I didn't know that I even wanted to go to Alabama until last summer, so most of my wardrobe is still blue and white. I have a few houndstooth things and a couple accessories, but I am in desperate need of more stuff for game day. I know I'll probably spend most of the summer shopping for new items, but who's to say I can't start looking right now? (Also, this is helping me with football withdrawals. At least baseball starts soon.)

I might have to buy all of this because this seems like a perfect game day outfit for August. I can't wait for spring to actually be in full swing, so there are more options to pick from. #RollTide
xx, jKm

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