Enlances con SDS

Sandals (similar) // Dress 

I love this new arrival from Lilly! As summer gets closer, more and more new arrivals are cotton, and I live for cotton dresses. I am also loving this dress (in both patterns)

This Elephant pillow is too cute, and I think it might end up in my dorm next year. And speaking of things that might be in my dorm room, I love this little sign for the Alabama bookstore.

Give me all the cookie recipes. I've been craving homemade cookies lately, and I think one with caramel is too good to pass up.

Spring Break and summer are coming up. If you're headed to lake or beach, a monogrammed PFG should definitely be on your list.

These shorts are perfect! I've been looking for shorts like these for forever.

Have y'all seen Meghan's new video? If not, you need to watch it now. I am not sure why I like it so much, but I do.

xx, jKm

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