My Non-Beach Spring Break Essentials

 Get to know me. I am not a fan of the beach. I hate sand. *Insert Star Wars reference here* I am more about the beach aesthetic rather than the actual beach. That being said, I never go the beach for Spring Break unlike everyone else at my school. I mean, who wants to spend the week with everyone they go to school with? That's just not my thing. I honestly prefer going to a new city and exploring.

This year I am going to Nashville with my mom! I am so excited to explore such an amazing city, especially since I haven't been back since I was in elementary school going on college tours for Will and Emma. I definitely want to go to Draper James and obviously the "I Believe in Nashville" mural. I am so excited. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

A lot of "Spring Break Essentials" are for if you are going to the beach, so I thought I would share my essentials if you are traveling to the city!

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Jeans | So this year, I am going to Nashville, and last year I went to New York and Boston. It's definitely cooler in those places than it is in Georgia, so a great pair of jeans is a must. I honestly wish I had been better prepared when I went to Boston because it got so cold when we were there. 

Converse | I know white Converse are really "basic," but I am absolutely obsessed with mine. They are super comfortable and easy to style. When you are walking around the city, you are definitely going to want shoes that don't cause blisters. I learned this the hard way in New York... 

Pearl Earrings | I hate bringing jewelry when I travel, so I only bring my pearl earrings and maybe a nice necklace. I don't like taking my nicer jewelry because what is something happens to it or if it gets damaged? 

Sunglasses | This is something I almost never remember to pack and always regret it. Always remember sunglasses!

Watch | Having a watch on hand is nice in case your phone dies and you need to get somewhere on time! I honestly think having a watch is just a good thing in general. More people should wear them because your phone isn't always going to be around. 

Scarf | I brought a J.Crew scarf to New York, and it was one of my best choices. Lilly has really cute city scarves that I think would be fun to get for the city you are going to! Because I love Philly, this one is on my wishlist. :)

What are y'all going for spring break?
xx, jKm

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