Weekly Motivation

Last week was not good. Not for me, my mom, or my sister. Every day seemed to get worse. I had trouble sleeping, and when I have trouble sleeping, I am so irritable, which just made everything bad. I tried everything to make myself feel better. Shopping? Nope. Miracle? Nope. Girl Scout Cookies? Nope. Individually those work, and I did all three. Nothing. I felt like Alexander. I had a no good, very bad day week. Nothing could turn around this week, but everything that happened just reminded me that bad weeks just happen. There's nothing I could do to fix it because sometimes you need bad weeks. Sometimes I scroll through Pinterest and my quotes board when I am feeling bad, and I saw this... 

There are days that suck. A lot. But without the bad days, there's nothing to make the good days seem so good. Yeah, it's hard to think about that when it seems like nothing will go right for just one day, but just remember that better days are ahead. 

xx, jKm

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