What to Look for in a College Roommate

One of my best friends, Marguerite asked me the other day how I found my roommate for college, and instead of trying to tell her in the few minutes we had left before class started, I said I would write a blog post all about it. (She's my blog's #1 supporter.)

Here's a little back story: I spent basically from November to January talking to girls and trying to find people to live with. Later in January, I thought I had roommates. Everything was good, and I was excited to not being stressing over it anymore. I'll spare you most of the details, but I didn't have roommates anymore after about a week. At the point, I just thought whatever, I'll do random. Leave it up to the roommate gods if you will. Then one day, a girl messaged me on Tumblr, which I know sounds a little weird, but trust me, it worked out in the end, and I am super excited.

Emma (Hey! if you're reading this) turned about to be pretty great. So the quote sometimes thing fall apart so something better can take its place, yeah that is this situation. We both admitted that we were kind of awkward talking to new people upfront, which I think made it a whole lot easier to get to know each other. Emma was in a similar position to me where she originally had roommates and it didn't work out. We talked for a couple of days, and we decided that we would room with each other. She also lives in Georgia, so we met in the middle in Atlanta, which I definitely recommend you do if you can! 

So here's my advice/tips for when you're looking for a roommate! 

Are they similar to you? Or are they like your friends? | I don't mean that your roommate has to be exactly like you, but having similar personalities/beliefs does make living with each other easier. I definitely didn't want a roommate who was going to party all the time because that's definitely not my personality. Also, look for people are similar to your friends. Emma reminded me of some of my friends, which was a good sign. She was involved in things that a lot of my friends were involved in. 

Something Alabama did was create a Google Spreadsheet for accepted students from your state. I actually just looked at Emma's and looked to see what she wrote for things she liked. We definitely shared similar interests now that I am looking at it, which is really good. So if your school has something similar, check that out. 

Are you comfortable talking to them? | I talked to maybe a dozen girls during my roommate search, and I could very easily tell how a conversation would go within the first couple of messages. There were some girls who were really nice, but the conversations were really hard to keep going. With Emma, it was pretty easy to talk to her once we figured out that both of us were not fans of Tom Brady. Like I feel comfortable texting her about how I am almost done with How I Met Your Mother. It feels like texting one of my friends from high school. 

Are you excited about similar things? | I could not live with some who wasn't excited about football season. I defintely wanted someone to spend Saturdays with in Bryant-Denny and who wanted to see the games. This wasn't a requirement, but I am happy to be living with someone who is rushing just because it a stressful experience. We can go through it together and survive the long week. 

Are you compatible according to the roommate survey? | So for Alabama, in order to sign up for housing, we had to fill out this survey that mainly talked about the music we liked. I am not sure how helpful's Alabama's is, but if your school has a more in-depth survey, definitely see if you and the person you are talking to are "compatible." Emma and I were 84%, which is pretty good.

Do you get along in person? | (Sorry this messes with the consistency of the questions.) If you can meet your (potential) roommate, I would definitely recommend it! Emma and I both live in Georgia like I said earlier. We went to lunch at Atlantic Station with our moms. It was a little weird at first as meeting new people can be, but once we got past that initial phase, everything went really well! If you guys can meet at an accepted students day or something like, I highly recommend trying to meet up.

Good luck!
xx, jKm

By the way, Emma is only one of my roommates. We have one other roommate named Carson, and we are still looking for another. Emma was the first good "finding a roommate" experience, so that's why I talked about it more. 

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